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Our Mission is to transfer and reduce  your IT infrastructure from Cost Center to Profit Center .

Sedcom  Frog Thinking approach :is the Ability to Focus on your Existing or Potential IT Solution while Keeping the entire Context in mind by adding Sedcom value added product  solution.     


Sedcom Europe, currently Sedcom Solutions was founded in the year 2001 to accommodate and further expand the distribution activities from a large specialized supplier of Server Based Computing and thin client terminals. Today Sedicom solutions is one of the largest & specialized distributor in the area of SBC, cloud software, end 2 end VDI, Cloud and VDI printing ,security, management and optimizations solutions in Europe. The intention and objective of Sedcom solutions is to supply hardware and software products in the area of Cloud, VDI and Add on products , to Windows RDS, Citrix, VMware, Linux. The initial experience and Specialization in the Server Based solutions area has given the company a significant advantage in starting up and understanding the specific needs and challenges for companies involved in this innovative technology. Understanding that SBC, cloud, VDI from scratch is a specialism in which resellers needed a distribution partner which understood this business model. 

Sedcom Solutions is a distributor for products related to the area SBC, cloud, VDI, thin client . Our objective is to offer products that allow specialized resellers and system integrators to offer additional value next to their own products and knowledge. Sedcom solutions supplies its products (and supportive services) mainly to resellers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our sales and technical organization considers itself to be responsible for information supply to our partners and resellers. With a highly motivated team we strive to offer solid and in-depth recommendations on the products we supply and answer the questions our customers have. Sedcom only works with resellers and we consider their people as an extension to our organization. Every project and every situation is different, thus the support of our resellers and partners have different requirements. We understand very well that the success of our resellers is our success and we respect and value the efforts they commit. The helpdesk offers in-depth support and knowledge for our partners to immediately solve problems directly related to our products, but also its surroundings. On all our products there is one year telephone support included free of charge, next to the warranty given on the products by its manufacturer. The helpdesk is also a knowledge center that provides 'value added' knowledge to our partners. As a reseller you can take advantage of our people for product management questions, product training, installation of products, trouble shooting in projects, and assistance on product choic 

Sedcom solutions distributes products and technology, in which we have an appliance approach to achieve this. The range of products fits into every environment based on MS platforms, Vmware, Citrix and Linux platforms within knows 3 groups: Desktop & servers Networking and Backoffice. All are related to the improvement of IT infrastructure cost whereas the other aims to improve the control and usage of different aspects of a technology implementation.

The products we supply meet the following criteria:

  1.  Dedicated function
  2.  Easy to install
  3.  Nice to use
  4.  Open systems
  5.  Convenient managing
  6.  Controlled TCO
  7.  Realistic return on investment